Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Product Review: Aphogee Two Step Protein

Hello my luvs!! First let me thank you all for reading. Now on to the product, I have always heard good things about Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment, but never used it personally, until now. I started off using their 2 minute Reconstructer which I absolutely loved. I ran out of it a few months ago, swore to repurchase it, but kinda forgot. Well up until then, I had been using the Reconstructor once a month and my protein level had been pretty much in check. Even after using the last of the product, I felt like my hair was "okay".
Well that the thing, by the time you realize that you NEED protein, it's probably already to late. You probably noticed that you NEED it bc you are already in moisture overload. That is precisely what happened to me. Just running my fingers through my hair ,my hair would stretch and then break. Immediately I knew who to turn to...Aphogee.
Tho I did debate, creating my own egg based protein treatment, I felt like it was messy, and I just didn't have a good experience with it the first go round, that was due to lack of knowledge tho.
Anywho on to the review part.... Did it work??? OF COURSE!!!! What other than the best, do you expect out of Aphogee products? Part 1 of the process is the protein part...what I wasn't expecting tho was for it to be basically liquid. I had the packets, as pictured, squeezed it into my hand, and kinda got it everywhere. When applying it to my hair, it made my hands all sticky...I say that, to say that I probably could have just went along with my own egg based treatment, seems as if the mess factor would have been equal.
After you have applied it to your hair, make sure it is distributed evenly.
Then you will sit under the dryer, no plastic cap, let it dry.
It will make your hair EXTREMELY HARD, so don't try to comb it through before rinsing it out.
Me personally, after even rinsing it out, I did not attempt, to comb through, until after applying step 2, the balancing moisturizing treatment.
With step 2, I actually mixed it with a deep conditioner and let it sit a few hours, but it instructs, to allow to sit on for 2 minutes, before rinsing.
Afterwards, my hair definitely felt stronger, and I felt as if I had a new head of hair. I will return to maintenencing with 2 Min Recon.  monthly.
Would I repurchase this?                   Yes!!
Would I reccomend this to friends?   Yes!!!
How would I rate this?                       Pretty much a 5 out of 5.


  1. I love how strong Aphogee 2-Step makes my hair feel after use--but I LOATHE that runny mess and the smell. Ick! Now I use Nexxus Emergencee. I think that it works better. It's thicker, which makes it easier to apply. The scent is light. And I feel like it dries faster than Aphogee---without needing to apply heat. Woop!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. Well look at you! I'm going to try this right now and was looking for some reputable reviews and stumbled upon your cute self!