Friday, November 1, 2013

November Goals!!!

Yessss! I am going back to making and trying to accomplish those goals. Writing them down, thoroughly thinking about them and planning them out is the only way to make them happen.
Lately I feel like my hair has been breaking off easily. When I think of the last time, that I gave myself a serious protein treatment, I can't remember. So for the month of November, I really plan on baby'ing those ends, and getting back into achieving maximum health of hair, over maintainence.


1. Deep condition with heat weekly; preferably on Mondays.
2. Alternate protein conditioning treatments with moisturizing ones.
3. Oil Scalp with Liquid Gold Sulfur oil every other day.
4. Buy Hairfinity on Black Friday!!! LOL
5. GHE 2x a week; followed by sealant
6. No heat
7. Protective Style 100%
8. Update Blog every Thursday.
9. Length check at beginning and end of month.

Weight loss related goals include:

1. Limiting sweets to 2x a week (no binnging)\
2. Only consuming alcohol during social events.
3. Exercise 5x/ week.
5. Drink half gallon of water daily.
6. Stick to meal preping.
7. Stay 100% dedicated.
8. Log into MyfitnessPal daily.
9. Weekly Weigh ins- Wednesday.

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