Friday, March 1, 2013

Protective Style Check In: Month 2

Well I have made it to the second month of Longing4Length's PSC. So far I used a pass to wear a cute Bantu Knot Out and one heat pass, even though I straightened my hair I still wore it up in a bun, way to cold to wear it out. Well now here I am March 1, and I am wigging with Creta Girl:
I HAD to put some makeup on!!! I was too dry by the face! LOL She is synthetic, my synthetics USUALLY last me 2 weeks, the curlier ones, if I'm good, will last me 3. I am pushing fot 4 weeks this time lol, I would love to wig, without having to buy a new wig for the entire month of March.
I plan to continue my regimen as stated before with weekly cowashes and deep conditioning under the dryer. Typically I braid my hair underneath my wigs, I just want to make sure not to neglect my hair, which is soooo easy to do while wigging.

Most of Feburary I bunned:

I did try the flat twist protective style which came out OK for the first time doing it, but I don't have a pic (sorry). Oh I also wore my hair in actual Bantu Knots, not taken down into a Bantu Knot Out.

It hasn't been much of a challeng protective styling, as the timing is just right. I just cant stand the idea of wearing my hair down in the cold kills me. I am uber excited and kind of nervous about seeing my end results in April. I mean of course I would LIKE to win the prizes associated with the challenge, but there really is no losing when you hang in there and achieve your desired length retention!!

Hope All is well with everyone and as always THANKS FOR READING!!!!


  1. This is a very pretty wig. How do you blend leave out? I thought Creta Girl was a half wig. Cute curly bun.

    1. Thanks lady!!! She is a halfwig. I ALMOST wear it as a half wig, pulling it very close to my hair line with just enough of my hair at the line to cover the "track" since I stretch my relaxers, I can only pull this off once I have enough new growth to blend with it.

  2. AMEN to that last sentence. Even though I am "hosting" I swear if it weren't for ya'll there is no way I'd PSC for 3 months! I love Creta Girl, its been on my "wish" list for years, literally. It look really nice on you!