Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Progress Update!!

Hi everyone!!! Hope we are all having a fantastic week so far! I just happened to realize that I never did update you all on my December trim! I got it professionally trimmed, aiming at evening up my hair....that went, uhhh, well, it just wasn't as even as I would have liked it to be, I am a fan of blunt cuts, the stylist wanted to do layers. She didn't do deep layers, because I told her that I wanted to keep as much of my length as possible.

I actually forgot all about that trim, and had been complaining about how my hair was not growing, despite my being pregnant, which is usually hair growth heaven for me!! Simply because last I checked in November, I was APL:


This was the results of my visit to the salon, I'm not sure how much she cut off inches wise, but seeing that I had JUST made APL, it did put me back to SL.

After comparing November, the beginning of my journey from APL to BSL (new length goal WOOOO!!), with my December trim (minor set back, very minor) with Feburary's growth/length....I decided to shut up about my hair not growing, bc pics don't lie......well maybe sometimes they do lol, but not this time!

So there is the update to my growth! Back at APL, now in Feburary and HOPING (though I may be stretching) to be BSL by August or September.
As far as my regimen, I had been:

Cowashing weekly.
DC'ing weekly w/ added Castor Oil
M&S'ing  ehhh once a week, I was lazy.
Oiling Scalp w/ Castor Oil 3x a week.
Protective styling exclusively
1 Heat Pass 1x/month.
Taking daily prenatal vitamins
Exercise 3x/week

As for my regimen now, I have tweaked a bit for optimum growth & length retention, it's as follows:

Prepooing w/ Coconut weekly
Cowashing 1x per week
DC'ing w/ heat 1x weekly
GHE'ing 2x/week
Oiling Scalp with Liquid Gold's Sulfur based Hair Growth oil 3x a week.
Protective Styling Exclusively
1 Low Manipulation style 1x/month
No Direct Heat
Exercise 3x/ week
Take Prenatal Vitamins daily.

My PLAN is to follow this regimen until the birth of the baby. For the birth I plan on getting a really low maintainence protective style like sew in or braids, so that I can get away with minimizing my routine, while adjusting to becoming a mother of 4!!! Talk about a handful!!!

Well as always thanks for reading love faces :-**!


  1. We are about the same length right now, (APL) and I am hoping to be BSL by August as well. We can do it girl! Congrats on your new addition to your family!

    1. Thanks Jas!!! I checked out your blog, but couldn't find the subscribe button:-( Good luck on your hair journey!!! What is your goal length?

  2. Wowee! Your hair is even longer now. Great progress. I love length checks!