Saturday, February 23, 2013

Relaxing Your Hair: While You Are Pregnancy!

Whether it hold some truth or be an old myth created by some supersticious over protective mom, relaxing hair while pregnant has been one of the many questions amongst mom-to-be(s).

Some may believe that the use of the chemicals may be absorbed and introduced to and possibly harm the fetus. The truth is that there is no "hard" evidence stating that the use of chemical relaxers has an effect on the baby. On the contrary there is also no "hard" evidence stating that it doesn't.

That's why it solely up to the mother whether or not to use chemical relaxers on her hair. As always first consult with your OB-GYN, if he/she gives you the green light, there are other things to be aware of.

1, Remember to treat this like a normal (pre pregnancy) hair process, base your scalp and do not appy directly onto the scalp.

2.Also take not that depending on the mother and her hormones, relaxers may not fully process your hair, if in case you prefer being bone straight.


If you have any more tips or advice pertaining to relaxing your hair while pregnant please feel free to add them in a comment. Thank you all for reading!!


  1. I personally don't see a problem with relaxing the hair while pregnant. From what I read, some do not recommend any treatments such as relaxer, coloring, etc. for the reason of inhaling fumes in a low ventilated area...especially within the 1st trimester. With both of my pregnancies, I did relax my hair with no problems. When I relaxed, I was near a window where I was able to circulate the air better. The decision is always up to the expectant mother. But again, I don't see a problem but of the mentioned above about proper ventilation and it has not affected me. Great post!

  2. It is always easier to moisturise your hair using some sort of spray moisturiser that way you can get to your hair better.

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