Friday, February 8, 2013

A Look Back: Then and Now

It is always good to reflect back to appreciate your "growth", that is with any journey in life. Applying to my HHJ, I find it shameful to have neglected my hair alllll of those years. I know reading blog after blog, if you are new to the hair care community it may seem like a lot and may even become a bit overwhelming, but like anything, done over time, it will become so routine and just "easy".

I think of how easy it is to maintain and grow your hair, meeting the basic neccessities of it, and all of those years that I just plain old neglected it. It's quite funny, an online friend of mine and I were discussing "hair typing" and tho I know that my natural hair does have a curl pattern (coily) and every one seems to coin me as a "4A" type, when I see all of the ladies with their beautiful coily hair, I just refuse to believe that my natural hair looks like that, I just can't or am having a hard time, I should say to shake that "bad hair" stigma that I have been told all of my life. That is not the reason I am not transitioning of course, we were just having a discussion and I thought "Even when you know better......some things are just hard to shake."

I look back, I  rarely went to the hair salons, despite my mom being a hair stylist, but when I did, I would get a deep conditioning...I hated those, simply because it was added time under the dryer, which I hated. I had no idea the purpose behind it. Even when my mom would tell me that I needed to "put some oil on my hair", that was her way of saying it needed moisture, I would simply spray oil sheen on it, probably filled with mineral oil. It's simply funny when you look back...Oh and that myth that if you brush your hair 100x a day that your hair would grow??? Yea I tried that!!!!! LOL

Me Then:
Me Now:
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Looking back on your HHJ and before, what valuable lessons have you learned? What do you look back and *face palm* yourself for believing and doing?

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  1. Love, how full your hair is. I wish I would've know which products to buy. I did not deep condition orn wash my hair enough. My hair used to be so weighed down and stiff. So glad I discovered hhj.