Thursday, February 7, 2013

Protective Style Challenge Check In: Month 1

BLAHHHHHH I am struggling...not struggling to protective style, but struggling with ideas, as my styling capabilities are limited....extremely limited due to the fact that...1. I can not style...can't braid, can barely twist, ect... and 2. I am afraid to PRACTICE because I feel as tho I am too rough with my hair and the more I manipulate it, the more I cause breakage....Wigging is the best choice for me as for protective styles, but I am on a budget...So far I have been wearing simple buns; high and low.

I will admit I did use a pass...I know this early huh, well had happened was....I wore bantu knots as a protective style once and after I took them down....the Bantu Knot OUT was banging and I just HAD to rock it for a few days lol....
But back to the regular schedule for me. I am hair lazy. I will be getting a faux bun or ponytail in a few days before I go into a frenzy of not knowing what to do or how to do it lol...hopefully as weeks progress I will get it together...Oh yea for those who may not know, I am 4 months pregnant, so my hair is OOBER's almost brand new to I am just kinda tryign to get it together yall pray to the hair gods for me, I almost gave up :-(

As for always thanks for reading my love!!! How are things with You and your Hair???!


  1. Cute bantu knot out! I feel you on being styling challenged. It makes it SO much harder to do interesting protective styles. But buns are fun too :)

  2. I am the same,no talent in that department.

  3. That BKO was fabulous, I remember seeing your post on IG! And I completely feel you about feeling like you are doing "too much" if you try to be too creative with the styles. I'm about to go into lazy hiding myself after I record just a couple more tutorials!

  4. Your make up is beautiful. I'm looking into getting a few faux ponytails myself. This winter weather is destroying my ends and I can't figure out how to stop it.