Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wash Day: Sunday 2/10/13

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my lovely readers and subscribers!! Just a quick update on my latest wash day!

My scalp was itching, so I decided to shampoo (I usually cowash) with ORS moisturising shampoo. I washed in sections which is ALLLLLWAYS fabulous!! Then DC'd overnight with Organix Brazilian Keratin Treatment. The next day I rinsed in the shower, in sections and dectangled under running water. I have come to the conclusion that it is best for me to detangle only once, under running water and let that be it...otherwise I tend to get more breakage. I do everything in sections so, I applied a mix of oils and fav leave ins (as my leave in conditioner), then moisturized with Mizani Butter Rich Hairdress, and sealed with Argan Oil. Oh, I oiled my scalp with Castor Oil (always do on wash days). Anywho, I had no idea how I was going to style my hair. Initially I wanted do the two flat twist PS, however when I tried....I just couldn't get it right and didn't want to keep trying bc that would increase again I am at a lost on what to do with my hair. Then it hit me "You like straight hair...You STAN ULoveMegz hair, that is why you chose to stay relaxed, yet you NEVER straighten your hair." So there you have it...Monday night I began to straighten my hair!

Photo: Just had a revelation like BOY THAT'S SOME #HEALTHYHAIR!!!  #hhj #hairlista  #keepitsimplesista #relaxedhairPhoto: One time for the hataz.., yea I'm feeling my tresses today!! #fuckinWINNING

I can openly admit that I don't give my hair the credit that it deserves. I guess because I'm always airdrying and used to seeing the texture/frizz...I have simply seen the length in my hair...not necessarily the beauty or  health in it...just kinda assumed it came along with the care of it, even tho I never see it, if that makes any sense. So after seeing this, I quickly became a stan of my own hair :-) LOL.... Here is the finished product:

Will upload pics of the back on a later date, I do not have my camera with me and was only able to get pics that I had already posted on Facebook.
Also I will have to upload a pic of the final styling decision...I took the pic with my hair down, just to show off a bit, however I am still protective styling so I kept the front as shown in the pic, and did a small side bun in the back....threw a satin bonnet over my hair, leaving only the "bang" portion out and wore a knitted winter hat! LOL I may HAVE to show pics for you to understand that lol, my husband said I looked "grown up" like a "mom" sooooo I guess that was a good thing lol, I said "Uhmmm is that good or bad?" He said "Good! You look like a MILF, I'd do you" uhm yea I was cute I think :-/ LOL!!

Anywho I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day!!! Whether you are showing love to a significant other, or showing love to yourself....HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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