Thursday, July 5, 2012

Self Trimming??

Do any of you lovely ladies trim your own hair?

Two months before beginning my HHJ I had just gotten my hair cut in an asym bob.
When I began my HHJ, I didn't start off with a trim. I never trimmed my hair, and so basically I was just growing out the bob.
As my hair grew longer, the front, which used to be the angles of my bob, was longer than the sides and back. So looking directly at me, made my hair appear to be longer than it was.
The ends to me looked thin and stringy, I wanted my husband to cut it even (and I still may have him do the back), but he had to work...I was impatient and decided to do it myself.

I sectioned off small areas and ran my fingers down until I felt the ends began to look stringy and thin. Then I would cut them. The back still isn't perfect. I wanted it cut completely even on the 3rd inch line. Perhaps I'll have my husband do it for me in December before my end of the year length check. I just wanted to start the new year off right, no baggage lol.

From now until September, I will be cowashing and DC'ing every two weeks, followed by oiling and massaging scalp, braiding hair and wigging.

September- December I plan on getting braids, (plan)  & towards the end of December, I will be getting my second (and last) relaxer of the year!!!

Hoping to retain some super length!!!!


  1. You did a great job on that trim!!!

    Well done (",)

    1. Thanks so much love muffin!!! LOL I had no clue how I was going to do it at first, I am soooo glad it turned out ok :-)

  2. Your hair looks good! I LOVE "grown out" bobs! You did a good job on the trim too!

    (IDK how I just realized that we are instagram friends -___-)