Friday, July 20, 2012

Product Review: Organix Macadamia Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment

First I want to aplogize for not posting in 2 weeks, I knew it had been a while but I didn't realize that it had been THAT long. That may be because I stretched my last wash day out for 2 weeks since I had used heat.
Any back to the business at hand.

Organix Macadamia Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment is said to be an ultra-moisturizing formula provides deep conditioning.
On a scale from 1-10, I would rate it an (drum roll please...) ONE!!!!!!!!!!

Rant begins here -> First off, it's my own fault, I should have went with the reviews...upon research you will find more "meh, it's more like a regular conditioner than a deep treatment" and "It made my hair hard" reviews than the "Good stuff" reviews and  there were absolutely NO "AWESOME PRODUCT" reviews.

Still I thought, my hair isn't too picky, I was genuinely curious...why??? I don't know.

Well looking further, I was more turned off that Macadamia nut oil was the twelth ingredient. Though I prefer my main ingredient of interest to be within the top 5 ingredients, I let another hairlista convince me that 13 was not bad either  (13 out of like 24 ingredients tho???).
So I went to Whole Foods and picked up my own Mac Nut to add to it.

Now upon opening the product (which crazy me, I didn't open it until I got home) I found the product to be a bit thin, to be considered a "masque", it really seemed more like a regular "leave in for 3 minutes then rinse" conditioner. Still I proceeded, added about 1 tablespoon of Mac Nut, stirred and began to apply to my hair like a relaxer...

OMG I went to sleep, let it sit over night. Taking the plastic cap off that morning I should have known it was a fail. My hair was so stiff, WITH the conditioner I got in the shower and rinsed it off...still my hair was hard :-( I tried detangling in the shower and literally all I heard was "snap crackle POP".... NEVER have I EVER, experienced any breakage when detangling under running water :-(
I didn't even finish detangling, I got out, towel blotted my hair, added my leave in thinking that would help detangle...NOPE! My hair was just to freaking hard, I just couldn't sit through the madness anymore. I ended up, cowashing all over again, and doing a hot oil treatment for another 8 hours. After rinsing the H.O.T (hot oil treatment- lol, I tried making it an acronym only to see that it literaly spelled out hot and many may not realize that I was trying to talk in text) lol, my baby was back, super soft, detangled in the shower not problem, just such a relief!!

Needless to say Organix was a huge disappointment :-(


  1. awwww man! That's horrible, not just that it wasn't moisturizing but that it made it difficult to work thru ur hair. you cracked me up with drumroll please...ONE!

  2. Wow, sorry you had a horrible experience with that! This means that I probably won't be trying it! Ever!
    I tried one of their shampoos once, and it did not do anything for my hair at all. Guess my hair doesn't like the Organix ingredients!