Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Year HairCareniversary!!!!!

Hello, loves!!! Yes it is that time of the has marked my one year HHJ anniversary!!! I am super excited, but most importantly I am sooo proud of myself for maintaining and keeping up with my regimen. I thought it would be funny to go back into my July archive of 2011 and read some of my old posts just to see how far I have come!! I've had good hair days and bad. I must give credit to my half wigs for my length retention. I want to try a one year wigging challenge using no heat, until my first and final length check on my second anni. That is my desire, I am rocking a bun now, so I will think more on that, the whole year with no heat and wigging for a year. I am just so excited to see what year numero dos, will hold for me. I am truly thankful to all of you lovely ladies who comment, subscribe, and share your experiences as well. If it were not for you guys...I would not be celebrating my 1 year HHJ TODAYYYY!!!! WHOOOOOO!!! 
This is the progress I have made collectively, from July '11- July '12

This is 3 months progress, from April-now!!!