Saturday, July 21, 2012

Relaxer Corrective: 7/20/12

If you remember my post in May about attempting to self relax, you'd know that it was a huge fail and pretty much pointless. So I tucked my hair away and continued to wig. It wasn't until I did my bantu knot out that I realized how much new growth I I decided to relax it.

After watching ULoveMegz for awhile, I decided to use ORS relaxer, however I don't care for all of that mixing, so I bypassed the kit and went straight for the professional relaxer.
Photo: You know what time it is!!!!! *fist pump!!
 Based my scalp and relaxed ends with vaseline, with hair parted in four sections, I started on the right side, at the back. I did not time this, to see how long it took, but it did not start burning until I got to the last section (Front, left side). Once it began to burn, I quickly applied it to the remaining hair, did a quick smooth over and ran to the shower!!

I rinsed it thoroughly, then I applied Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor conditioner to give my hair a boost in protein. After rinsing the reconstructor out, I then proceed to neutralize my hair. After newutralizing, I used ORS Replenishing Conditioner, and DC'd for about 5 hours.
Allowed hair to air dry 85%...then flat ironed :-)

The Results: I'll have to add pics a bit later to show, but let's just say :
I was so happy I could have did a dance in the shower, I felt good, it felt good, and most importantly fo all my scalp felt 100 pounds lighter :-)

Will do reviews on the products in a separate video.

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