Thursday, February 23, 2012

Split Ender!!!

So I ordered the Split Ender Thursday night, and recieved it in the mail, the following Tuesday evening. I am currently 8 weeks post....I decided to flat iron on Monday so that I could use the split ender on straight hair...OMG....that was one battle....that I absolutely lost!!! I did not do it on a fresh wash, so my new growth was really hard and tighly coiled, when trying to comb through, I encountered many knots....I could not get the new growth straightend...I worked on my left side of my hair from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM and got so disgusted that I took a break and finished up at 4:30 :-/ Ridiculous right?? Well Tuesday comes and I receive the split ender, I placed it mid shaft and it would not go smoothly through the hair piece :-/ (Majority of my hair is texlaxed...not by choice :-/, but slid through the straighter portion with ease. I went over each piece 3 times as instructed so by the 3rd time it however did go through the entire section easily. I was so distraught by my new growth that I implemented an emergency cowash (Aussie Moist), DC (Aussie 3 Minute Miracle) & Oil Rinse (Grapeseed Oil), I rinsed the oil out the next morning using Mizani Moisturefuse. Pulled back in a pony tail and allowed to air dry. I then re-flatironed my hair and had better result....still couldn't make my underprocessed hair bone straight tho :-(
This is my 1st time using to as a first impression

Would I recommend this product to anyone else?
Yes!! It did what is says that it will do without taking away any length.

What would I recommend during use?
Me personally I have chosen to only use this after a fresh relaxer, not meaning immediately after a relaxer, but maybe 3 weeks post, before new growth begins to creep in.

This is what was taken from my entire head; the last real trim I had was in April 2011.

As you can see on the right (pre split ender) you can tell where my hair is texlaxed (as it contains texture still) and the ends are bone straight.
On the left is after a second flat ironing and after the split ender as well.

This is my progress from 12/31 to now :


  1. Wow, it only took off a small amount but it really did make a big difference. I was researching this on my lunch break because I'm through with stylist trims. I won't purchase it now, probably around my next relaxer. Thanks for sharing.
    Do you have the metal one or the plastic one? I hear that they are bulky and heavy? Was it difficult to use?

  2. New follower of yours:-) Thank you for the review. I was also thinking of purchasing one. Your hair look really good!!

  3. Hey ladies!! Sorry took so long for me to get back to you. I have been sick and down for the count.
    Anywho thanks for reading!!

    @LaQT/TY I have the plastic one and it is very light weight, not bulky at all. I did check out so many YT tutorials on it, that I did not have to read the instructions when I got it lol. The only thing to it is to remember to switch the directional switch which ever way you are moving the split ender down.

    Thanks for following @SpecialK!!!!

  4. I feel your pain regarding getting the splitender through texlaxed hair. I had to do mine in such teeny tiny pieces, it took forever to get through.

    You got great results with it though (",)