Saturday, February 18, 2012

Manhatten Style Queen Review

So I ended up not getting the braids because they would have taken about 16 hours in the shop and the braider was charging me $300. I can certaintly find something else to spend my money on. So I went and bought 2 wigs. Queen as my everyday style...and Monaco girl as my sexy outting wig. Queen is Futura synthetic and she curls easy. I have had her for a week now, NO SHEDDING!!!!! Thank Goodness!!! Not many tangles. She hasn't gotten all frizzy and worn out looking, and I have worn her everyday,except Valentine's day. I've seen other wigs from this collection and I must say that I am impressed, it is of very good quality!!

Here are a few others I'd love to try!!!


  1. Thank you!!! I actually uploaded the picture and intended to "edit" the post to do a review lol, you caught me before I edited it @LaQT/ Ty