Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ready?? Set!!! GOal!!!!

How did you all do on your Feburary goals??

Ehhh mine were so/so; here's the run down!

1.Maintain regimen.....YEP!!!That is easy tho :-P
2.No direct heat... FAIL!!!
I decided to flat iron to use the Split Ender.

3.Minimal manipulation...ehhhhh
I guess it depends on what you call minimal...I did wig the entire month and only manipulated my hair on wash days. But this last 4 days of Feburary I have been wearing a phony pony. which causes a bit of manipulation as I like them to be tight

4.Protective style 95%.... ACCOMPLISHED
100% wigging, bunning, and not a phony pony!

5.Finally reach 150 pounds.....I gotta get my sexy back! ...IDK :-/
I really dont! 1 thing for sure...this entire month I have worked out consistently at least 3 days per weeks!!! I was down to 152...but now it is THAT time of the month and I am hella bloated so when I weighed myself it said 157 :-( Which I know FO SHO is not accurate!!


IDK if it is even necessary to continue to add to the list but I will anyway.

1. Maintain regimen
2. Protective Style 95% of the time
4. Workout 4x/ week.
5. Drink 1 GALLON of water per day...every day!
6. No direct heat.

I will admit that I do see a relaxer in my near future...but that's another post...WHAT ARE YOUR MARCH GOALS???

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