Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Funny Valentine!!

I am late, but I hope everyone enjoyed their day!!! I know I DID!!!! My husband and I went to a wine and chocolate tasting, and listened to live jazz!!! The setting was very romantic and relaxing...We talked about the hanging art, laughed at others outfit choices lol (DJU), tried to figure out other married couples from daters (well that was me) lol...and most of all we just joked and laughed!!!! I mean it was a new setting for us, outside of the regular restaraunts or hip hop clubs. It was laid back and romantic yet we remained our goofy selves, and I just had a ball!!! Afterwards we went to see Safe House. Which to me was cool, in the action department...from the beginning of the movie until the end it was action packed. However; the storyline/plot....ehhh I've seen it before....What's the movie called with Mos Def & Bruce Willis?? 18 Blocks or something like that??? Yea!! Oh not to mention even before the date night we had spent all day being goofy we ended the night after the movie, went home and cuddled up!!! My 18 month old son was being a yea...cuddling is all that I got!!! LOL

We didn't exchange gifts. Valentine for me is about the LOVE...not the gifts, & I don't really get all that excited about "expected" gifts. Ya know...I'd much rather him just show up on a random Tuesday with jewelry, rather than Valentine's day. I'm not knocking the gift exchange don't get me wrong, as boyfriend and girlfriend we did it, and I kinda measured his fondness of me by the gifts that he bought lol, but now that we are married, it just seems kinda "blahh" I know that he loves me, so the gift itself holds no's just material!!! But boy that date was AWESOME!!!
Just had to share!!! Hope you all had a LOVEly evening as well :-**

BTW**The piece I am wearing is "Monaco Girl" by Freestress!!


  1. Lovely date. I completely agree about Valentine's Day, now ten years later. I would much prefer an intimate and fun date rather than gifts. I can't lie and say that I didn't like the chocolate-covered strawberries he delivered to my job, but I wish I could've enjoyed the day with him more that evening. You both looked very nice on your date. Love the shoes.

  2. Thank you!! That was sweet!!! I too would love him sending something to my job just to say "I'm thinking about you" if we couldnt be together!

  3. Trust me, if you knew how many times I tried to post a comment on this blog yesterday you would seriously think me a fully fledged stalker! For some reason my phone and your blogs comment box don't mix too well (",)

    That said, I was only trying to say that you both look lovely in this picture.

    I absolutely love your shoes. For me leopard prints are always a win win in the fasion stakes (",) You go gurl!!!