Friday, February 10, 2012

Regimen For Box Braids.

For real this time I have decide to get box braids. Some of you may have read past posts of me freaking out, scared of breakage, but I am doing it!! This Sunday!!! So I cowashed today with V05 Clarifying Conditioner, and used Aphogee 2 min Recon. to give my hair a bit of a protein boost. I did not do an all out protein treatment because the last time I used Aphogee was Jan. 28, and since then I had been alternating between protein and moisturizing well as using a protein moisturizer once a week. So I did not want to go into protein overload. After rinsing the Aphogee out, I cowashed one more time, using Mizani Moisturefuse. I blow dried it, and now I am bunning. Tomorrow, I plan to baggy while I am asleep, jus to get some moisture in before the braids are installed.

So if anyof you are inquiring Box Braids, I found this helpful website.


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  2. Awww thanks Kiki!!!! Hope you enjoy it, as I will yours :-))

  3. thats a lot of preppin for the breads, good luck.
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