Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Current Look :-)

I told you all that I was a fan of big hair, long hair, and curly hair...While Creta Girl is ALLLLLL of that....This is one of my all time fav!!

She last a long time (a month) which is pretty good for a synthetic piece...she looks very real!!! (as in human hair) My 1st time wearing her I had at least 4 women ask me what kind of hair this was....and I am not shamed one bit to say its a half wig :-) I literally had to like just leave her lying around the floor to get her to get frizzy and messy...I thought she would never go!! LOL So she is my "Staple" I guess u can say...I always keep her around, when she frizzes and tangles up on me, I just go and repurchase her :-)

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