Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sex & Hair!?!?!??

So as u know I straightened my hair :-) Well I had it all wrapped up and was in bed!! My husband comes in wanting mama's loving as usual and he takes my head wrap and throws it off :-/ Lol of course I didn't say anything but for a mili second my mind went off of the loving to "OMG I KNOW THIS NEGRO DIDN'T!!! WHERE IS MY SATIN PILLOW?? GOD I HOPE THIS DOES NOT HURT MY ENDS:-(" Soon that was all out the window but right after I got up, remoisturized & wrapped my hair!!! I must admit I did feel proud as he ran his fingers through my super soft & tangle free hair!!! Usually I'm self conscious and embarrassed by my super frizzy broken ends, hair all over my head!! Ugh oh & the many nights I was to lazy to get up & rewrap it so I just laid all over it & put heat on it the next day!! YAYY TO IMPROVEMENT!!! lol Just had to share with my hair divas that my thoughts shifted during an intimate moment with the boo lol a woman & hair no one shall come in between:-)

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