Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Deal or Dud : My Review

Keep in mind this is a personal review for me. My hair is a 4B, when I 1st got this I did not care for it much, I would much rather use my $30 flat iron with a heating dial so I could turn it up to 350 degrees :-( Yes I know. My hair would still be thick and would not be very sleek or blow in the wind....Then I would have given this 2 stars, simply because you can flat iron it while your hair is wet.
Since beginning my HHJ, of course with the co-washing, and moisutrizing my hair is now soft and manageable on its on, so the Instyler worked just wonders...because it is so big I had a hard time getting really close to my scalp for newgrowth so I did use my regular flat iron for the top, other than that, I had no frizz, no stiffness, and what is even better it left a nice "bump" or curl to it. Does it possess a special qualtiy outside of a regular bumper, IDK, but since beginning my HHJ I was very satisfied with my Instyler.

Upon research I did see that the croc iron, had a substantial amount of better reviews than the Intyler so that (the Croc flat iron) will be my next investment. It is also cheaper, I do believe, I will later give a comparison between the two, resulting in the better deal :-)

Has anyone of you used either the InStyler or Croc iron, if so please share your thoughts on it!!!

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