Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Journey is A Journey

A journey by definition reads:
  • trip somewhere: a trip or expedition from one place to another
  • process of development: a gradual passing from one state to another regarded as more advanced, e.g. from innocence to mature awareness
  • travel somewhere: to travel to a place or over a particular distance

  •    In this sense we referencing the second definition "the process of development; a gradula passiong from one state to another, regarded as more advanced."

    A journey could be a baby going from the crawling to walking, babbling to speaking in full sentences, a journey, like my hair, going from an ignorant (unknowledgable) state, to becoming aware and making more educated based decisions.

    Once I learned how certain products or ingredients effected my hair, I made a decision based on that knowledge to refrain from using them again. No matter how tempted I am, if a product contain Mineral Oil within the first 5 ingredients, it is not even a question, the answer is NO!

    There are hair products that did me wrong, no matter how good of a review one blogger may give it, may make it sound like a godsend, no matter how good of a sale it is on, if it does not agree with my hair, again the answer is NO!

    I say all of that to introduce my health and fitness journey. HEALTH AND FITNESS are the key words. Usually I just want to lose weight, by any means necessary. Which has proven to do just the opposite, so today I focus on health and fitness, weight loss is secondary.\

    What is the difference?
    You may be wondering. I went to the gym today, weighed in.  My weight this week, was the same as last week. I became discouraged, and sad and did not feel like working out. "It's all for nothing!", I pouted.
    Had health and fitness been the core reason, I would not have even weighed myself, or been bothered my the lack of progression.

    So with my health and fitness journey, I will be focusing on making healthier, heart happy decisions. Food, exercises, parties, ect.

    The plan is exercise at least 3x a week for an hour, try 5x if I can
    Eat clean 5x a week
    Drink at least 1 gallon of water daily.
    Measure myself every two weeks,
    and weigh myself only once a month!

    With accepting that this is a lifestyle change, I am accepting that this will take longer than I would like it to. I have to train myself to say no, eat better. I have to steer away from everything that I have always known, and learn to really resist temptation. It will take a lot of effort and willpower, but I am ready!

    I am claiming success, and putting it in the center of my universe.

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