Thursday, March 13, 2014

Confessions of the Girl With Long Hair????

Anybody who knows me, knows that I do not consider myself to having "long hair", I am APL...been here for a year and a half now...but hey who is complaining...anywho, being submerged into this world of hair care, I know plenty with much longer, fuller, and in my opinion more beautiful hair. Not to say that mine is not those things, but I just don't consider my own hair anything to "crush" over. Anyway that is neither here nor there, I have stumbled upon a rather unexpected "hairmotion"....that is my made up word to describe an emotion derived from my hair is the feeling :


I don't know it is weird huh? It is like when people compliment my hair, I always find a way to down play how much I love my hair :-/ How proud I am of my hair :-/ I am all of those things, but when it draws the attention of others, I seem to cower at the idea of promoting hair care or, how seriously I care for my hair.

For instance...someone says "Why do you wear weave, when you got a head full of hair"?
I say "Because I don't feel like dealing with this mess!"....

1. I actually hate referring to my hair as "mess", because it is far from that, but I think that if I refer to it as such, then it deflects my genuine adoration for my hair lol.
2. The first thing that actually comes to mind is to explain "Protective Styles". But I think I am over trying to explain hair care, to people who simply just don't get it.

OR...Even Worse...Somone compliments me on how beautiful my hair is...and again, I will say
"this mess"....Kinda like someone who has just spent hours (or lots of money getting dressed...they get complimented and say "Oh this old thing?"

What is it with that!?!

I know apart of me feels awkward because they are complimenting on something that they could very well achieve themselves, with just a tad bit of effort. Hair care has been one of the easiest challenges that I have ever faced, unlike weight loss, if I have a lazy week, it does not result in a major set back....I am so tired of fluctuating weight lol...guess I should stop having so frequent lazy days lol....anywho when they compliment me...I kinda want to tell them...Hey this could be you...but I don't want to offend anyone, or solicite unwanted advise, so I kinda just shut down completely...probably calling it "a mess". To just shut down the whole hair conversation...if I go into detail as to what I do they will say "You do too much!"...and I will be compelled to say...."I do a lot....I have a lot of do to little and you have..........."

Yea I'd rather just facetiously call my hair "a mess." lol

Have you ever felt ashamed or "awkward" about your hair progress?


  1. I have not. I get compliments on my hair from my family and they are shocked at the thickness and health of my hair. I use this as a "teaching moment" and inform them of what I did to my hair. My hair has come a long way and I am proud to share my journey.

    1. WTG Blutiful!!! How does your family respond? Do they retain and actually use your hair tips or advice? Or are they just like "Whatever girl" lol

  2. I definitely understand where you are coming from about explaining hair care practices to people who just do not get it. A year ago none of my friends were on hair journeys and I was trying to explain to them some of the things I do to keep my hair healthy Now a year later most of them are transitioning to natural or have completely gone natural. I personally am relaxed and stretch my relaxers for 12 weeks at a time. Everyone always assumes I am natural and feel a little guilty when I say no I'm relaxed (texlaxed). I have no desire to go natural but they don't seem to understand why I'm still relaxed. Honestly it's my hair and my business no one will understand your hair more than you and what works best for you and your lifestyle. As for you don't be afraid to smile and say thank you, you put a lot of work into your hair and it's great when others acknowledge it :)

    1. Jas I totally understand! EVERYBODY thinks that I am natural, I feel so bad to tell them I am not. Especially when they say that I have inspired them to transition :-/ AWKWARD. LOL Once I was featured on a natural hair forum....I was too shame to speak up lol

    2. Lol this is so funny! you were featured on a natural hair forum and couldn't speak out! lol. I find texlaxing is completely throwing people out! I get the some natural comments and when I try to explain it just doesn't work!

  3. I can totally relate. I'm a pretty private person to begin with so rarely do I give unconsolidated hair advice. But if you ask---honey I can suggest two shampoos, 3 deep conditioners, and the world's most moisturizing leave in!

    I do feel a bit vain and slightly conceited to love my hair this much, but at the same time---I give out so much of myself on a daily basis trying to be the best wife, mother, daughter, etc etc that I can be. Having pretty girl nights (when I'm washing and playing in my hair) is my way of unwinding and meditating. Some people paint their nails, whilst other play video games. To each her own right?

    Great topic!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. Thanks love!! I, too, am a private person! We are the same lol