Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scrapping APL Maybe???

Soooo I took my braids out...along with my edges :-( When taking the braids out one just fell out, hair included....I knew it was bad, after washing my hair as you can see, it looks like two braids took allll of my lil hair out.

My plan was to straighten my hair via flat iron with out, relaxing. I have been debating between transitioning or not...I want to, but honestly I am just scared lol.

Moving along, I ended up relaxing my hair anyway.

New Growth Shot----------------------------------> Post Relaxer, wet

I self relaxed using ORS Professionals. Prior to relaxing, I oiled scalp with Castor Oil. I think this is the best self relax that I have done so far. I left the relaxer on for about 25 minutes, when it started to burn I washed it out, only had one chemical burn lol...IKR as if that is something to be proud of.

How do I deal with Chemical Burns?
I let them be, rub with a bit of Tea Tree oil and let it do it's own thing.

Moving right along post relaxer flat iron results!!!

Scrapping APL maybe? I am super excited!!!

Other Flat Ironed Pics



Hoping to make Full APL by January or Feburary!!!! What an exciting journey!!!


  1. Hair looks great! You look like you're touching APL. I use aloe vera juice or gel when I have chemical burns. It has a soothing effect and softens the scab up so it falls off.

    1. Thanks Tai!!! I havve some AVJ, I will have to try that next time!! A few others said it looks as if I am touching APL!! YAYYY!!! I never know with these LC Milestones lol!!

  2. You've been MIA for a while. You can use the castor oil to grow back the loop
    You also had a lot of growth and the thickness is adorable.

    1. That's what I was about to say... use castor oil. The Jamaican black castor oil works the best! Makes your hair grow like a weed!

    2. Ghanaian Emprezz yess hunny I have been MIA, straight down and out lol..I will post about that too. But I am EXPECTING!!! A lil bun is in the oven and it has me soooo tired, I have been struggling to keep up with my wash days and blah blah blah....I'll just blog about it lol!! But thanks hun and I do have some Castor oil that I have been know I am too shame about those lil "loop holes" lol

  3. Your hair looks great! Congrats on the progress you've made :)