Sunday, December 2, 2012

Big Announcement to My Blog Readers, Because I Love You

So I have been MIA and slow on posting. I never thought it would be necessary to keep a hair journal because I blog, however I feel there is so much that I need to say, talk about, tell you all about that I miss out on because I don't have the energy to post, and then when I do....dun dun dun duuuuunnn I have forgot about most of it. So what is going on you might ask? Super tired? Forgetful memory???

Yes I am expecting...and I am announcing probably nontraditionally earlier than most moms, but I am  super excited and horrible at keeping secrets....I just plain ole talk to much lol. I am 7 weeks and due July 28 2013!!! This baby is running me thin, I have absolutely NO ENERGY NONE!!!!

 As some of you may know I have three other children, sometimes I feel like I am being a lousy mom to them, all I do is sleep...or all I do is WANT to sleep, the little time that I am awake, I am forcing myself to do so, to not seem like a bum!!! Thankfully my husband is who he is, I don't know if he is as SUPPORTIVE or UNDERSTANDING ( as he said that my fatigue is only MENTAL, can you believe that!!), or if it is just that he is a clean freak, but he has picked up the housekeeping, cleaning, laundry....I'm still responsible for the cooking though, no budging there. Anywho as you can see just being a human being is a struggle for me let alone keeping up a blog!! Don't fret, I have decided to keep up a notebook to jot down all of my blog ideas, and wash days ect to keep up with you all, that way even if I just sit down one day out of the month and post 15 blogs lol you'll know why and at least I got to get it all out!!!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts!! I truly am humbly thankful and I appreciate you all!!!