Saturday, April 21, 2012

World's Shortest Transition!!!

By just reading the title, have you came to the conclusion that I BC'd already??? If so, you are.............(dun dun dun dun)...........................WRONG!!!!! LOL All of that talking I did, all of those reasons I gave, and I have already changed my mind!! Why, you may ask? 1. The only thing that was making the transition ok, was remembering that I could still wear my hair straight....and if all else fails I could always go back to relaxers. 2.I have not even gotten a chance to reap the benefits of my relaxed hair journey... I thought of it as if, basically I am bald right now and have to wait 2 or 3 years for a decent length....I am not ready to start all the way over. 3. I realized that natural hair for me, was a trend, not a lifestyle....and this is one trend, I want to let pass me up lol. Not to say that I don't like our natural hair, I think it is beautiful! In fact one reason that I wanted to go natural is because whenever I am in the presence of a natural sistah, I just feel a bond/ connection with her. Every other ethnicity seems to have the straight or wavy fine hair, but our kinky coils and curls belong exclusively to us. I take pride in that. 4. But the straw that broke the camels back is......I tried flatironing my hair....and the battle of me vs new growth was not it, I am actually looking forward to my next relaxer like ASAP!!!! Not only that, after I flat ironed it, I remembered and appreciated how beautiful my relaxed hair is too. So thank you all who supported my very brief decision to go natural...but #TeamRelaxedHair shall remain!!!

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  1. LOL Shay you sound just like me. I am 7 months post and still have not decided about becoming fully natural. I just like my hair to be straight. So I am still half wigging it, may get braids this summer. But I am glad you have made your decision. The most beautiful aspect about AA hair is that it is very versatile.