Sunday, April 8, 2012

BIG NEWS & Updates :-)

Hey ladies!!! I know it has been awhile and since then so much has happended, length check, breakage, and big news (nervous)... Let's start at the length check :-)
In the black is when I started my HHJ July 2011...and in the green halter is my last length check March 2012...I am proud of my success I must say. I was 13 weeks post on this pic and simply flat ironed, using all Mizani products...I used too much of the Thermasmooth Serum...and my hair felt oober greasy, so I never wore it down :-(

Now to the breakage...IDK if it came from the friction of the lace wigs I'd been wearing or if it was from being dry IDK, but here is a pic:

I am back to full cap wigs and full protective style/ no manipulation styles.

Now on to the BIG NEWS!!!!

Apart of why I have been gone so long is because, I did not know how to break the news, I did not know what you, my subscribers, would think...or even if I wanted to tell ya :-( But....


This has been something that I've wanted to do, but I did not want to do it in the midst of everyone else doing it, because I did not want to appear to be "jumping on the natural bandwagon". After my last length check seeing how my new growth looked after being flat ironed, I thought...well I could just get my hair straightened in July for my 1 year HHJ'niversary instead of relaxing...then I thought...I could just do that for my Dec End of the Year Length Check as well...because those were the only 2 days that I planned on showing my hair this then I realized...Relaxers really aren't necessary...if I want straight hair, I can use heat, there really is no need to use chemicals, why does my hair need to me PERMenantly straightened?? Now I am not bashing relaxers IN NO WAY!!! These are just all of the thoughts that went through my head, but during the first sign of "ughh I can't take this" or if my hair care becomes too STRESSFUL, uhm I will be back to relaxing, there is no need for something as simple as hair to be stressful.

Also because I was relaxed so young, I really do not know what my natural hair texture looks like and I am really curious to see it; and I would hate to grow my relaxed hair all the way to MBL or WL and then choose to transition, only to find out that it's too much and have to start allll the way over, so I thought now is the best time, when I am educated on hair, can take care of it, & I'm not so far along in length.

I plan on taking it one day at a time. I am now 15 weeks post. My short term goal is to make this year stretch (12/28)and after then I will know a bit more as to whether I will relax or keep on transitioning. My ultimate goal is to transition for at least 2 years, and never BC....but to gradually clip ends as needed...or clip my ends to the equal length of new growth so I can maintain at this length.

Now like I said this is no "new me" type of situation, but it will be a new experience for me, I want to step in a new comfort zone....self confidence, self comfort...I'm not saying as relaxed hair ladies that we don't have confidence, but for me personally I want to step beyond the comfort that I know and have known,I just want to take a chance and experience something new...If I turn out to love it..GREAT...and if not...well that's okay too, at least I did what I wanted to do, step out, challenge myself, and take a chance :-)

^^^^^Hope this doesn't end up being my story LOL!!!

Hope you all follow me through this transition :-)


  1. Congrats on your decision to transition!

  2. Congrats on your decision to transition! I too am doing it for the same reasons you are :)

  3. I'm not going to transition anytime soon, but good luck with your transition!