Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Look of the Week 1/29-2/4

All this week, I have rocked a braid out!! Here are the steps.

Parted hair in sections.
Moisturized using Kimmaytubes moisturizer.
Applied Paul Mitchell Supper Skinny.

Parted hair in desired style that I would want the braids to fall.
Braided in small braids, about 20 braids, using ecostyler gel with each braid.

Slept in braids overnight, and unraveled in the AM.

I re-braid them every night before going to bed...reapplying the product every other night. So far so good!


  1. you look very pretty! girl I applaud you for doing 20 braids nightly! I'm so lazy, esp since staring the rollersetting challenge - I just wrap or pull my hair up and go. Its spoiled me!

  2. Lol Thanks so much!!!
    I got off from work this morning & I just didn't have the energy to braid it lol I felt so lazy!! Lol