Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Look Of The Day & An "Ah Ha" Moment

Soooo I had a lazy day :-/ When I got home from work I moistrized and sealed my hair...also I massaged my scalp, but I was too lazy to re-twist it, so I just threw on the bonnet....woke up for work, moisturized again and threw it in a sloppy bun!!!
You can't really see it in the pic but I have two 2 strand twist criss crossing up in the back...just to be creative.

My HHJ has truly lifted my self esteem. I remember when I felt obligated to wear weave to look decent...but here I am 15-16 weeks post relaxer and 3 weeks post weave!! (thats on a daily basis, like work, shopping ect) I still wear wigs to parties and such...but I am so happy...It just feels good to be taking care of my hair, so what if it isn't "fly or flashy" it is on its way to restored health, and most importantly IT IS NOT NAPPY!!! LOL My aunt ran her fingers threw my twist out the other day to be surprised that her fingers did not get caught up or blocked hehehe...I used to feel so plain jane, or uncomfortable if I pulled my own hair back because it wasn't long or exciting, but today I'm just having an "ah ha" moment and can't stay out of the mirror :-)) all is well in the land of hair!!! I just have to get back on my water game...I've been slacking.

Lastly I want to thank all of you, my fellow "Hairlistas" for blogging and sharing your journey, if it wasn't for me stumbling upon your blogs, I would not have the motivation or education...and I'd still be in a rut...Our hair truly is our crown...OUR hair...not the indian's hair or horses lol and I'm not knocking weave, bc I am a former but still take care of your hair underneath. Caring for my hair now has changed my whole world, and i am NOT over exaggerating.
In MY HEALTHY HAIR JOURNEY'S blog she states that she is "Loving her hair!" When I 1st saw her blog and saw her length, I assumed that is why she loved her hair...who wouldn't, and I thought, I can't wait until my hair grows, and I can love my hair too lol....As stated before I am about 15 weeks post relaxer, new to this journey, haven't even been a month in, no length checks or any of that and I can truly say that I am loving my hair!!!! I feel so foolish to embark this journey so late, but better late than never...and if it wasn't for you ladies, I still wouldn't know which way to the saying goes "When you know better, you do better"
Hope you all had a good morning, afternoon, and evening...nighties dolls :-)

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  1. I agree with appreciating people sharing their journies and what works for them. I love a high messy bun also, glad you are ENJOYING this process. Really that's what its all about!