Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hair Journal Entry 1

So today I went and got more supplies, all inexpensive drug store products for now, since I hadn't really prepared for this, but excited to care for my hair NOW!!!

So I went and got V05 for a co-wash, altho my ultimate goal is to switch to WEN or Hair One. I've heard good about Hair One, a cheaper alternative to WEN, so I will see if Hair One works for me 1st. Hopefully it will.

I also got more Roots of Nature Shea Butter Oil, I've been using that and I like it. I can use it to seal.

I also have Optimum Oil Therapy 3-in-1 Oil Moisturizer, will try this as a moisturizer because Roots of Nature, moisturizer left my hair feeling really heavy and greasy. IDK maybe I put to much on it.

I'm really trying to pay attention to my hair now.

So I co washed today with the V05, and moisterized, & sealed. I also mixed all of that in a spary bottle with spring water just to mist as needed.

I had to work tonight tho so I couldn't leave it out, so I braided it. I know having 4A hair is fragile, and I hated having to braid it wet because I could literally feel some of my shafts breaking :-(

So I do not plan on co-washing again until Sunday. So I will leave my braids alone until then, unless oiling scalp or misting.

But I will say also that afterwards, my hair/head felt so light and tingly and just happy. I guess from the new found attention. Usually I just lay around the house all day, hair all over my head, throw it in a short pony and toss a wig on it. It would be dry, brittle...I just didn't care :-(. She was a happy head today :-)

I plan on getting long box braids pretty soon, so I can just leave my hair alone and let it grow.

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