Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So I haven't posted in a few days, mainly because I was wearing the twist out, oiling and moisturizing daily, nothing much to update on that. So today my hair felt dry, so I decided to wash it with HAIR ONE which puts my hair in like hair heaven!!! I LOVE IT!!!! It makes my normally coarse hair so smooth and my new growth, which I have about an inch and a half of,very manageable. I was really enjoying the twist outs, and wearing my real hair...when I ran upon a 6 month hair challenge on blackhairmedia.com.
This is the link:

Rules are to hide your hair length from now until December,given a hair break every two months I think!

I am already 3 months post and I planned on relaxing in October, but I love the sound of a challenge, if I can go through with it this will actually put me at 9 months post!! I am super excited about it!!!

So I washed with HAIR ONE & DC with Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructer, afterwards I used 3 squirts of the HAIR ONE as a leave in conditioner, just because I loved how soft my hair was after the wash!!!..... I let it air dry, then I moisturized with Optimums 3 in 1 moisturizer, and sealed with Roots of Nature Shea Butter Green Tea Oil <---- Does that count as the sealing oil you guys refer to such a jojoba, coconut, olive, ect?? Or do I need to buy another oil. I just had that before my HHJ, so I just used it...anywhoo I brushed it back in a pony tail and put on a drawstring afro puff ponytail!! No gel, no jam, no nothing 3 months post perm, I'd say this is pretty alright:-)

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