Saturday, July 30, 2011

Give Myself A Hand Clap!!!

So I just ran across this pic which was taken in April this year....I hadn't done much to my head since then so I hadn't noticed that even from then up to know I have gained a lot of my length back!! IDK whether to say my hair grows fast or not, but I am pleased with its growth rate before my HHJ, so that only makes me even more excited to watch its growth now that I am on my journey!!!

*Oh btw I had just finished working out thats why Im so sweaty!


  1. pictures where you can literally SEE the difference in your hair are always great! :-)

  2. Yea I'll have to post a pic of my hair flat ironed now, tomorrow, but I was feeling a little SUCKY feeling like it would never grow or like I'm doing something wrong!! But even now I have about an inch & a half of new growth so now I'm really feeling psyched again:-))