Sunday, July 31, 2011

Accidental Brilliance???

So based on what I read about BAGGYing, I decided I'd give it a whirl, so I just moisturizer & sealed my dry, flat ironed hair then placed a plasic cap over it for about 30 minutes. I get on YouTube & see that I was supposed to baggy with DAMP hair:-/ so feeling like I'd done it wrong I just tool the cap off to find that my hair was softer than I've ever felt it!!!!!

So idk if u can baggy on dry hair or not, but it does have some effect, for me at least!! So I politely replaced the plastic cap, topped w/ a stocking cap & my bonnet now beddy bye I go!!

Question do u think if I did this every night, my hair could eventually break?? I know too Kuching moisture can cause damage!?!?!

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