Sunday, September 29, 2013

Grow 1 inch in 1 week!!!

That is right, 1 inch in 1 week!! Now if this works, IDK.  I am on day two of seven. What's the big idea??? Keep reading to find out!!!

The Inversion Method

1. Warm your favorite oil.
2. Massage oil into scalp.
3. Turn head upside down for 4 minutes.
4. Repeat for 7 consecutive days.

Sounds easy right? I doubt if I will heat my oil everyday just because I am lazy :-/ Maybe every other day.

My Plan.

1. Alternate between massaging in Grapeseed Oil and Castor Oil (as I am in the CO Challenge)
2. Massaging, focusing on the nape, as that's where I have recieved some breakage
3. No, I will not be doing a head stand, but instead the bend forward yoga pose for 4 minutes

If this works, this should land me at BSL by NEXT WEEK!!!! (Fingers crossed). Anywho, I shall keep you loves updated. If this works, I will implement this method as apart of my Castor Oil challenge regimen and do this once a month for the next 3 months.
I have taken a before picture, but I will not post it until next Friday, along with the results picture.

You don't want to do this more than 7 days in a row or too often throughout the month. If you scalp gets used to this blood flow, it may cause you to plateau and no longer get the desired results.
Imagine walking through a land fill or sewage...stinks something bad right?
But if you stand there long enough, the receptors inside your nose becomes used to the smell and you soon realize that you don't even smell it anymore. That is what will happen if your scalp becomes accustomed to that blood flow, it won't be as receptive to hair growth as it was before.

Also anyone who may be intrested in trying this, I would not suggest this if you have blood pressure issues or any other medical diagnosis in which could be effected by this. Also make sure you rise slowly from whatever bending or upside down position that you have chosen.


  1. good luck! in combination with the ghe method, I got 2 inches of growth in 1 week doing the inversion method!

  2. Oh wow! I am dying for the results of this I am so going to do it if it works