Friday, January 11, 2013

L4L Protective Style Challenge!!!!

Well the time has come for the official sign up!!! While I was already planning on protective styling, I ran into Longing4Lengths blog post, saw that hair dryer and said THAT IS MINE!!!

Though there will be mini challenges, my main method for protective styles are and will be wigs. I'm lazy...I want low to no manipulation...RETENTION IS KEY!!!!
My regimen shall remain the same in that I cowash and DC weekly...I am now incorporating a Black Tea Rinse every 2 weeks. I want to incorporate this is in my regimen now to lessen, if not avoid the dreaded postpartum shedding....which I have never experienced, but just my luck with now falling in love with my hair I should.

So what's MY game plan? MOISTURE----> PROTECTION----> RETENTION!!!

Here is my starting pic, freshly washed hair, so I will do my ending picture with wet hair as well. This is the only  pic I had with a current length. I plan to do so wearing the exact same shirt!!

My hopes is to be half way through "Obama"....think I can do it??? We shall see!!!


  1. I think you can do it! Good luck!

  2. "Moisture-protection-retention!" I heard that girl, me too! Between the PS'ing and your pregnancy, that dryer just might be ALL yours! Thanks for joining!