Friday, October 5, 2012

How I Style and Care for My Box Braids!!!

In all honesty, this may not be a fair title because while this is HOW I have styled my box braids...I have had them for only 3 days. Worn them in these 3 styles and will continue to play with different styling techniques.

Let me discuss my installation process. Some of you who have been following me, may know that I have been wanting some box braids for the LONGEST, and after a traumatic experience at the African braiding shop, I quickly said "Fahget about it"...well now that they (box braids) have become more popular again, more "kitchen beauticians" are welcoming to do them again...while before they would flare their nostrils at the thought of how long they took.

Well a friend of a friend did mine. Though my last relaxer was in July, I am extememly underprocessed/ texlaxed. So I have quite a bit of new growth. A few days before the appointment I cowashed my hair and blew it out, so that it wouldn't be to tangled. The night before I GHE'd for moisture. The morning of was hectic so I wasn't really able to comb through one more time before the appointment. Anyway to make a long story short, she was soooo gentle with my head and even more considerate and careful with my hair! I am always so nervous about other's in my hair when I am in need of a "perm" because my kinks get so tangled and coily. I have no complaints on the installation process. As far as the braids themselves go, I am happy. I would have liked them maybe 2 inches longer, they are close to MBL now. Would have prefered them to be a bit thicker as well. They were braided snug but not to tight, again no complaints.

I plan to keep them up until Dec. 30, (unless they still look good) give my hair a good shampoo (ORS Creamy Aloe) Good DC with heat, and then get them re-braided again. Unless it will be to much stress on my hair to get it re-braided the same day, then my perhaps, I can wig it for a week, then get it re-braided.

I am at a cross road again not knowing whether I want to transition or continue to relax. So my plan is to stretch for one year before I make a decision. My last relaxer was July 21, 2012. I want to PS (protective style) up until then, do a big reveal, perhaps a length check by way of professional flat ironing if my relaxed hair is still "up to par", then make a decision as to whether I want to relax it or continue on with a long term transition.

My Box Braid Regimen??
I will cowash my braids every two weeks.
Spray with Braid Conditioning spray as often as needed
Oil scalp with Castor oil 3x a week.
Exercise at least 3x a week
Drink at least 50 oz of water
Take Biotin.

I am just so glad not to have to deal with the delicacy thay my hair requires, that I don't know how to act. I was in the castor oil challenge, then due to bunning I fell off on applying my castor oil. Now that I have my braids, I won't be able to do a length check or results pic, so I will just wait until December. I hope to be APL by then :-)

What is your Fall/Winter plans for your hair???

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