Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wig Review: Equal Lace Front "Deep Invisible Part" :Nelly

I purchased this wig today from my local BSS. It is a 'pre cut' lace front which I LOVE because, I know nothing about cutting the lace off...which is one of the reasons that I have always steered clear from lace fronts. Another reason is because I did not want to be the one that ends up with that dreaded "Barbie" looking hair line, you guys know the look that I am talking about. Well when I came across "Nelly" it was completel upon chance, I was simply browsing, she looked simple and cute, I tried her on, and she looked so natural that, I just stared into the mirror right then, lost in the moment just bouncing her around, and hair flipping like I owned the piece!! I then tried on a few other "Equal" pieces, one with big loose sexy curls!! I really liked that one too, but I was wanting something simple with an "everyday" appeal. So I went back to Nelly! She cost $49.99 (Though I saw on they had her for $39.99), which isn't too bad. I just hope that she does not tangle or become frizzy too soon. So far I have not ran into any tangles, but then again it is only day one. I will do an update review in about a week or two as well. She is made of futura fiber, which means that she is curling iron safe for up to 400 degrees. I purchased her in the color 99J, which is a burgundy/wine color.

I have had tons of compliments, and some could not even tell that it was a wig, and said that the hair looked so natural, like real hair. Well her she and I are....
What do YOU think???

PhotoI guess that she is about 14" long, layered.


  1. This looks extreeeeeeemely natural! And I hate when I want to buy a wig NOW but I know I can get it for less online! A $10 difference isn't bad when you factor in shipping.

    1. Thanks for reading!!! And that is true, with shipping it will probably end up being close to what I would have paid to get it right then and there!! I need to learn how to shop "in advance" so I can catch some good sales!! LOL

  2. Shay I love this wig on you! I love it because it doesn't look wiggy at all and I love the color! I remember my 99J days:)

  3. I might have to consider getting some more wigs...I haven't worn any in so long! This one looks great on you! BTW, I want to let you know that I had nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, come by to check out the details :-)

  4. Wow! This is incredible! I don't know much about these, but these equal lace front deep invisible part wigs look incredibly real! I am so impressed!