Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Flexi Rod Turn Out!

Hey loves!! I know it has been loooong over due since I have last posted. However; my personal life is running on prayers LITERALLY...not only that I was hoping to make videos to go along with my posts, but like this blog, my personal issues held me up from making videos as well.

Anywho, back to hair.

Last week, I decided to pick up some flexi rods, first time using them, but I decided that I needed to dwell into styling more, so I bought the large purple rods. I bought 3 packs, as the cashier suggested, but only needed 1 and a half bags...decided to keep the extra just in case some went missing, as things normally do in my house of 3 little ones.

I didn't take pics of it step by step...and I do plan on making a tutorial but until next time:

I parted hair in the style I wanted it to fall.
From there I sectioned it in 4 sections.
Sprayed section with a mist mix
Then applied Mizani Setting Lotion
Clipped up hair that I would not be using
Spiral rolled hair onto rod and bent flexi rod to hold curl.

*Repeated until entire head was done.
I do not have a hooded dryer, so  I let air dry....and honestly it took about 12 hours. Luckily I had nothing to to do that day lol

Here are a few pics:

Hubby caught me sippin...I mean SLIPPIN :-/

Out of 8 years together, this was the first date night that I have worn my real hair, styled by yours truly :-) YAYY ME :-)


  1. very nice! i really do need to try flexi rods. I look forward to your tutorial :)

  2. wow to your first date real hair lol. Flexy rods do come thru. 12hrs is a lot i usually do it overnight and wake up with curls that last from 2-4 days.

    1. I know isn't that a shame...needless to say my hubby is proud of my HHJ progress so far! LOL

  3. Saw these pics on instagram and thought your hair was bomb... and I still do! Gorgeous curls!

  4. Very cute hair! So, you have 3 little ones, too? What ages? Mine are all under 4 years old! LOL!