Friday, May 4, 2012

Self Relaxing- Meh.... on 5-3-2012, 20 weeks post relaxer...I was lying in bed, tugging at my new growth, feeling how tightly coiled & hard it felt. I thought of doing an emergency hold off on relaxing because I really wanted to get it done professionally. The fact that I had a new jar of Motions relaxer in the cabinet did not help one bit...I convinced my self to self relax... KNOWING that I suck at it :-(

Sectioned my hair into 4, started on the back right section. As I was moving from section to section I could feel my hair breaking down. By the time I made it to the top, it had started to burn. My intital thought was "Let it sit just a bit longer", then I remembered "It's not about how straight it is...It is about how healthy it is." So off top I knew my top would be texlaxed....
Here are a few pics, I'm not really happy about the results, but oh well :-(

It is noticeably softer.........but I am just SOOOO over being underprocessed already :-((


  1. I know this feeling all to well. I caved when I went to the beauty shop I let her relax my hair instead of doing it myself. I can self-relax fine but I prefer someone else do it. It's so much more prone to tangles when there are two or more textures. I'm glad its so soft now, hopefully it stays that way.

  2. Underprocessing is a pain in the backside!

    My hair is still not right at the back since I underprocessed in December, despite trying to correct it twice - just gonna live with it as it is now though.


  3. Yeah, I hate underprocessed areas. Have you tried the half and half method? That's the only way I'm able to avoid it.

  4. I have a few underprocessed areas too, it's def a shock for my comb sometimes :p lol.
    also, i just awarded you the "One Lovely Blog Award." Check my latest blog post for more info

  5. health is the most important thing, I agree. it may not be that you "suck at it" you may just need a stronger relaxer. i dislike Motions products...have you tried Mizani or Organic Root Stimulator? those worked really well for me! and i used lye ORS but the no-lye ORS was pretty good, too. i was also able to leave the relaxer on longer by basing my scalp before hand and mixing the relaxer with oil : ) btw, have you entered my 100 Followers Urban Decay giveaway? ♥