Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Do's and Don'ts when Relaxing your hair

 Prep your hair before & after relaxing.
    1. Up your protein 1 week prior to relaxing
        - protein treatment helps fortify the previously relaxed hair
    2. Avoid washing (wetting) your scalp withing 3 days prior to relaxing
        -This allows your scalp to produce enough sebum, or natural lubricant, to protect it during the relaxer
    3. Base scalp and previously relaxed ends day of relaxing.
        -This adds to the sebum, in protecting your scalp from the relaxer.
    4. Avoid scratching or combing scalp before relaxing.
        - scratching & combing can irritate the scalp and cause lacerations. You do not want such a chemical
           applied to this; it increases the chances of "chemical burns".

1. Apply relaxer to previously relaxed hair!!!!!!!!
   - Relaxers (Perms) are PERManent, there is not need to add relaxer to your previously relaxed hair;
     doing this, will further weaken the follicle, resulting in breakage!!!

2. Do not relax you hair no sooner than 10-12 weeks post previous relaxer.
    I personally would recommend 12, but there are successful Hairlistas who only stretch 10 weeks at a time
    Longer stretches does not make hair grow faster, but it does decrease the chances of overlapping relaxer
    on the previously relaxed hair.

3. Do NOT leave the relaxer on to long!!!!!!
    I too used to have the attitude that beauty is pain...sadly growth is not.
    If you are aiming for long healthy hair; remember that hair grows from the can not produce
    healthy hair if your scalp is not healthy.
    Also the scabs from chemical burns, if severe enough, can cause breakage as well.

4. Do not apply relaxer to the same section first each time.
    Because the section that is applied first, sits the longest this could lead to thinning or breakage in this area.

So I have a chemical burn now what!?!?!?!
Let it be!! Leave it alone. Do not pick at it, avoid combing in that area.
You may add a bit of Tea Tree Oil, but it will heal on it's on.

My Own Personal "Rule to Relaxing"

I try not to flat iron my hair immediately after relaxing. If I can I will opt for a flat wrap or body wrap.
It is my own personal rule to not flat iron within 2 weeks of getting a relaxer, simply because direct heat damages hair. I do not want to add damage to recently relaxed hair, as relaxers weaken the hair.


  1. Great tips!!! I used to flat iron right after though. Didn't seem to hurt but then again, everybody's hair is different.

  2. Very Informative! Where is your pic of your results?

  3. so im 20 now and in college... the last time i got a relaxer was in elementary school 5th grade and haven't done anything with it since ( no more relaxers) and i only straighten it once every year.
    so my question is can i do a full head application of the relaxer