Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So I began my HHJ on July 5th...and started out with nothing but my Roots of Nature products, DC,oil, & moisturizer (which is extra greasy and heavy)
Just keeping up with my purchaces and my thoughts on them:

Wednesday July 6:
Vo5- co the smell and it seemed to keep my hair soft. I have only used it once, so far. But I plan to use it interchangeably with Hair One.

Pantene Original Moisture Shampoo- I bought this but have not used it, and doubt if I will...unless absolutely under desperate measures.

Optimum 3 in 1 Moiturizer- LOVE THIS!!! Compared to Roots of Nature, it is light weight, does it's job and I just love!! Simply love!!!

Friday July 8

HAIR ONE Cleanser- Vo5 is cool...but HAIR ONE IS AWESOME!!!! It feels good as I am washing, really creamy and smooth:-) Aftwerwards it leave my hair super soft!! I am in love!!! Definitely adding it to the staple list!!

Hair One Frizz Control It has a nice smell to it!! My hair when doing the twist outs, was not frizzy so I am crediting it towards the frizz control doing its job :-)

Aphogee 2 Minute Recontructer- I have not worn my hair down or straight since so I really cannot tell the total effect of this, but I have used it twice,and plan to continue, because I've heard great things. I don't plan on actually wearing my own hair out or straight, or relaxing for a while. So I will continue to use this until I do relax and see the results :-)

Aphogee Vitpro Leave in Conditioner- I prefer cream conditioners, this is liquid, cream seems to make my hair softer, smoother, with this being liquid, when adding it to my already wet hair, I really cany tell the difference. I will alternate this with the HAIR ONE as a leave in as well. But I will not be purchasing anymore after it is used up.

Beyond The Zone Scruncher Before attempting the twist out, I originally just planned to scrunch my hair, and have some help keeping the scrunch without it being hard...this is not the product. This is mainly a spritz...bummer, but it was a spontaneous buy, since they didn't carry Fantasia Polisher Gel.

Small Perm Rods 2packs, to twist the ends of my twists. I was so excited to buy these because I have never bought anything for my hair, except an instyler and hair dryer...but those are normal so they don't count lol next I plan to buy I head dryer!! I will have my own lil salon at home!!! LOL!!!

Tuesday July 12

Stay On Satin Bonnet
haven't had th pleasure of using it yet but I am sure it is better than the satin stocking cap I have or the tie around bonnet that always seems to come off :-/

Plastic Caps I know plastic caps my seem small and minute, but remember i had NOTHING!!!! I am quite sure hubby and babies will enjoy not seeing mommy walk around with grocery bags on her head!!! LMAOOOOO

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